Mind-Shattering Euros
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Welcome 2 M.S.E. While we're not an 'official' car club, we do know a fine Euro when we see one.  Plenty of cars have won accolades by the tons at car shows, but you won't find any of that shizz here, pah'd-nuh!  We keep it 'real' un in here.
 If your rollin' somethin' PHAT!, yeah,we'll flaunt your shit!  But if your shit can't cut it, we'll be on point to tell you that too!  Think your ryde's all that?  Then let's see if it can get featured here,"G".  
You ladies out there, don't think you're uninvited....I'm hopin' to feature your rydes too!  Some of the 'tightest rydes I've ever seen, belonged to, and were customized by women. Guys, consider yourselves warned, nolonger is this just a 'guy thang. Ladies, we need model pics too, if we're to create a monthly club postergirl!  

- This site is dedicated to the loving memory of my mother, Mrs. Shirley Ann Strong-Thompson.

Special props 2 my kid brother, Bradley Grigsby, in Arkansas!!

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